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Smile Analysis

A smile analysis will help us get to know you better, discover any existing medical or dental issues and accordingly plan the most effective treatment for you. During a smile analysis we will analyse your dental history, examine your teeth and gums alongside oral health habits to ultimately offer you a healthier smile for life.

Treatment Options

Each smile is unique and in dental treatments, one size does not fit all. Our dental experts will work with you to create a customised dental treatment plan for you as per your oral health status, lifestyle and even budget. At Maple Smiles Dentistry it is our endeavour to treat you with utmost care and help you achieve the perfect smile.

Cost of Treatment

Maple Smiles Dentistry is a modern clinic with an objective to provide quality dental care to every patient at a convenient cost in a welcoming environment. Our team of highly skilled dental professionals is always ready to help patients obtain their brilliant smile and feel even better. Our treatment plans are customized as per the needs of our patients.
Our Clinic's


As per our commitment to excellence, we always offer state of the art equipment and tools, which ultimately allows our patients to receive higher quality dental care in a seamless manner.

Digital, Low-Radiation X-Rays

Our eco-friendly dental technology uses digital imaging x-rays to save our customers 80% less radiation than standard film x-rays.

Computerized Digital Charts

At Maple Smiles Dentistry, all patient records are paperless and stored digitally. Another way of offering reports to customers on the go, no more lost charts and its eco-friendly.

Painless Dental Treatment

Comfort and well-being our patients is of utmost importance. Many of our patients and their families continue to trust us for their dental health across generations.

Our Services

General Dentistry in Chilliwack

At Maple Smiles Dentistry, we’re proud to bring you a comprehensive list of dental services. Services range from preventative care treatments like teeth whitening to sedation dentistry. We are focused on ensuring our patients feel comfortable throughout any procedure they may undergo with us.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Chilliwack

We know that a healthy smile happens when your teeth are pearly white resulting in a confident appearance. Our dental team uses the latest technology and techniques to help patients with cosmetic and restorative dentistry needs. We strive to help people achieve a desired smile.

Preventative Care Dentistry in Chilliwack

Preventative dental care is key to keeping your teeth healthy throughout your life; as good oral health can impact the general health of a patient. The dentist will be able to take action if they notice that your gums are inflamed; or may be contributing to another illness related to your health.

Surgical Dentistry in Chilliwack

We recommend an extraction to prevent the infection from spreading any further. We offer all levels of sedations to make the process convenient, and as stress-free as possible. If you have any questions about oral surgery, our team is here to help with all inquiries.

Sedation Dentistry in Chilliwack

Sedation dentistry (also known as sleep dentistry) is an option for patients who are nervous about visiting the dentist. This option is beneficial for someone who needs to undergo several procedures during extended appointments. Many patients find this approach appealing as they arrive with minimal hesitation and leave the Dentist office at ease. A visit feels more like a nap than a dentist's appointment!

Root Canal Dentistry in Chilliwack

Root canals are performed when tooth decay is too deep to be treated with standard fillings. Often this can save the tooth by preventing the need for removal and replacement.

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